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3 reasons why an attorney review of your will makes sense

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Estate Planning

There are many ways to create a will in Arizona. You might handwrite the document yourself to ensure that people can authenticate it later. You might use software instead to help you create a more formal document.

In either scenario, drafting your will on your own is potentially a legal mistake. It is important that those who try to create their own documents at least have those papers reviewed by an Arizona probate attorney.

The three concerns below are all compelling reasons to have an attorney review your will and other estate documents.

They know Arizona law better than you do

You could spend hours or even days in the process of planning your estate. You need to carefully consider the people you know and the assets you have, as well as the legacy that you want to leave behind after you die. Then, you must translate those thoughts into practical bequests in your will.

All of that planning could end up wasted if the Arizona probate courts agree with someone who claims your documents include illegal provisions. For example, if you try to disinherit your spouse, they can challenge your will to assert their statutory inheritance rights.

They can help you better achieve your estate planning goals

When an attorney reviews your will, they will likely understand what you mean to do based on how you divide your assets and delegate responsibilities. They can then provide you with other means of achieving the same ends that may be more effective.

For example, an attorney can help you create a trust to protect your property from creditor claims or draft powers of attorney so that you have support in the event of a medical emergency.

They can serve as an important witness

Finally, the attorney who reviews your documents is a crucial witness. They can later attest to your mental state at the time that you reviewed the documents together.

The involvement of an attorney can reduce the likelihood that people could later claim fraud or a lack of testamentary capacity at the time that you drafted the documents.

Involving an attorney in your estate planning process will make it easier for you to achieve your long-term legacy goals.