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What protects your family after a catastrophic car wreck?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Uncategorized

Motor vehicles are powerful tools that drastically reduce the human effort needed to conduct basic tasks. You don’t have to walk to the grocery store that is a mile away or carry those groceries home yourself. You can accomplish much more in your day and complete household chores or work a job that takes you far from where you live.

The unfortunate shadow side of all that convenience is the risk that comes from motor vehicles. Crashes occur every day in Arizona. Many of them just cause physical damage to the vehicles, but some of them are more serious. They can cause permanent injuries, like amputations, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

What protects you after a crash injures you or a member of your immediate family? 

Every driver in Arizona should have insurance

You can potentially make a claim against the liability insurance coverage carried by the other driver if they are at fault for the crash. The state requires that every driver pay for at least $15,000 in property damage coverage and $25,000 worth of personal injury coverage. If two or more people in your vehicle get hurt, the policy should offer $50,000 in bodily injury coverage for everyone affected to share.

That bodily injury coverage doesn’t just help pay your medical bills. It is also the coverage that pays for lost income because of someone’s injury. If you require surgery or months off of work to recover, the other driver’s insurance may not be enough to protect you.

What about your insurance policies?

You may have supplemental coverage of your own that will help you after a car crash causes severe injuries. Since you are not at fault for the wreck, your liability vehicle coverage won’t help. However, if you paid for underinsured motorist protection, comprehensive coverage, or collision coverage, your motor vehicle liability policy may cover some of the expenses caused by the crash.

Some drivers hope to use their health insurance, but such coverage often comes with patient responsibilities that force you to pay out-of-pocket for your care. Short-term or long-term disability insurance that you carry for yourself or that your employer provides as a benefit could also help you cover some of those expenses. 

You can take the other party to court

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have adequate insurance coverage for all of the costs that a car crash causes. Thankfully, Arizona law does allow those hurt in a crash to bring a personal injury claim or the law is who lose a family member in a wreck to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or business at fault for the collision.

Looking into all of your options can help you get the medical treatment you need after a severe car wreck.