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3 reasons why an attorney review of your will makes sense

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Estate Planning

There are many reasons why it makes sense to have an attorney review your will. If you don’t have someone look it over, you may make mistakes that could invalidate your will and make it less protective than you’d hoped.

To make sure your family doesn’t face unexpected issues when you pass away, it’s wise to have an attorney review your will and be sure it’s valid. Here are several issues that could come up and how an attorney review could help.

  1. An attorney makes sure your will is valid in your state

The first reason to have an attorney review of a will you’ve drawn up is to make sure it is valid within your state. There may be special steps that you need to take to validate the will, such as having it signed by your attorney and witnesses.

Your attorney will look for any mistakes that could invalidate portions of your will, making it possible for you to rest easy knowing that it’s valid in your state.

  1. An attorney knows details you may have missed

Another reason to have your attorney review your will is because you may have missed something important. For example, a typical will has your preferences for your funeral or how to pass on your assets. It may also contain details about your powers of attorney. Your attorney will let you know if anything is missing and what you can do to adjust your will.

  1. An attorney can help you make changes

There may come a time when your will needs to be updated. Even if you make the changes yourself, it’s smart to talk to an attorney for a review. They will go over the will carefully and look for errors that you may have made. Doing this makes it less likely that conflicts will arise over misused terminology or forgetting to remove a person as a beneficiary in all parts of the will.

These are three reasons to consider an attorney review of your will. It doesn’t take long, and it can help you know that your will is still supporting your goals.