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3 reasons to add a pet trust to your Arizona estate plan

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Estate Planning

Animals are vital to society for many reasons. Some of them, like police dogs and ethically-managed lab animals, work hard for their keep and provide humanity with invaluable benefits.

However, the leading reason animals have a critical place in society is because of the unparalleled companionship and love they give. If you worry about what will become of your animal friends following your death, explore these three reasons to consider a pet trust.

They are part of your family

You know that estate planning protects and provides for your children and other relatives, but it can also benefit your animal family members. With a pet trust, you can designate someone to love and care for your pet after you die. The assets held in your trust ensure the caretaker you choose has enough to meet the financial needs of your pet.

They are valuable

Even when love is your top motivator, there are other reasons to consider a trust. If your animals are rare or worth a lot of money, you should include them in your estate plan. It can be hard emotionally, but try to view your valuable pets as an investment or property when completing your estate documents.

Peace of mind

How do you feel after finishing a difficult task that you have repeatedly delayed? Most would say relieved, which essentially translates as peace of mind. Even if protecting your pets is the last thing you approach in your plan, you will likely experience lasting peace upon completion.

If you have other difficult issues to address in your estate planning efforts, consider learning more about the estate planning laws that govern Arizona wills and trusts.