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Protect Your Family And Your Legacy

Creating an estate plan is an essential step in letting your loved ones know your desires with regard to asset distribution and end of life health care options. Receiving sound legal advice from an experienced attorney is an important key to ensuring your documents reflect your desires and intentions.

Whether you are in your “golden years” or are planning ahead, the attorneys of Paulsen & Reissner, PLLC, can assist and advise you in creating an estate plan that achieves your goals. Our attorneys will work directly with you, guide you through your options, help you make an informed decision and assist in creating an estate plan that provides for your loved ones.

Exploring The Options Available To You

While a will might be the most familiar form of estate planning, it should not be the only option that you explore. You can protect your legacy through a wide variety of tools, including:

While these documents govern what should be done if you should lose capacity or pass away, these documents will go beyond simply giving instructions. Creating a legal document can provide a peace of mind, knowing you are helping your loved ones avoid the cost of a lengthy probate.

Reach Out To Us For More Information

For an initial consultation that explores the estate planning options that may be right for you, contact us online to arrange for a free consultation. You can also call 800-248-5120. It’s never too early to plan for the future – contact our firm today.