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Answering Your Questions About Personal Injuries

After an injury, you may feel confused, overwhelmed and frightened for your future. The attorneys at Paulsen & Reissner, PLLC, understand what you are going through because we have helped numerous clients who experienced similar circumstances. Licensed to serve in Arizona, we can answer any questions that you have about the personal injury claims process.

Here, we have listed a few of the questions that we hear most frequently.

What happens in a typical personal injury case?

A personal injury claim usually arises when one individual or party breaches their duty to another person. This could involve a motorist who drove recklessly and caused an accident, a property owner who did not clear their terrain and caused someone to slip and fall or a variety of other scenarios. If their negligence leaves a victim with damages, it might be necessary to file a lawsuit to recover monetary compensation.

How do lawsuits work?

If you file a lawsuit, you are known as the plaintiff. The person or party named in the lawsuit is the defendant. Each side’s attorneys analyze evidence through a process called discovery. Generally, the sides will try to settle or get the lawsuit dismissed. If they do not reach a settlement or get the suit dismissed, the case will go to trial. There, a judge or jury will issue a verdict.

Should I settle my claim?

Insurance companies often try to settle for much, much less than what you actually deserve. Insurers are for-profit companies that care more about profits than about the compensation you deserve for your damages. In many situations, your attorney can negotiate a fair settlement and you will not have to go through with a trial. However, you should not accept any settlement offer until you have spoken with a personal injury attorney.

How will an award affect my Social Security Disability benefits?

If you are eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD), you do not need to worry about how a personal injury settlement or award will impact your benefits. Because SSD depends on your income and taxes, your benefits are separate from the damages you receive from a personal injury claim.

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

You have the right to handle your claim on your own, but this is not necessarily wise. The insurance company for the other party has its own powerful team of attorneys who know how to trick you into admitting fault or accepting a much lower settlement than you deserve. When you have a lawyer on your side, you have someone who understands the legal system and can protect your rights.

Seek More Answers In A Free Consultation

If you would like to learn more about personal injury or you think you may have a claim, please contact us to schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Reach our law firm at 623-666-5917 or use our online contact form. We are ready to provide the answers you need.