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What You Should Know About Probate

The probate process is incredibly complicated. Many people find it difficult to go through the complex administrative procedures of probate while they also mourn the death of their loved one and handle family affairs.

At Paulsen & Reissner, PLLC, our lawyers understand this. We wish to make understanding probate law as simple for you as possible, whether you are an executor, administrator or other interested party.

On this page, we will answer some of the questions that we frequently hear from our clients.

    1.What happens during probate?

Probate is the state-supervised process of administering an estate. The probate process typically includes:

  • Authenticating the will, if one exists
  • Appointing an executor
  • Uncovering and valuing assets
  • Paying creditors
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

    Is there a way to avoid probate?

It is not always possible to avoid probate, especially after someone has already passed away. However, with the proper planning, probate is avoidable. There are proactive estate planning steps that you can take to reduce risks and any potential impact a potential probate may have on an estate.

    What are the duties of an executor?

Executors have several important duties, including but not limited to:

  • Filing a petition with the probate court
  • Locating financial documents
  • Notifying beneficiaries
  • Notifying and paying creditors
  • Filing tax returns

These duties can seem daunting, but executors do not have to go through them alone. You can work with an experienced probate attorney who can help you.

    Is it necessary to work with a probate lawyer?

Some people decide to handle estate administration and probate themselves, only to realize how much paperwork, stress and confusion are involved. Instead, alleviate this stress by choosing to work with a lawyer like the ones at Paulsen & Reissner, PLLC. A skilled probate lawyer will handle the administrative work for you, explain the legal system and help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Learn More About Probate In A Free Consultation

These are only a few questions that our clients often ask us. To get more answers to more questions, schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Maricopa County. You can reach us online or call 800-248-5120 today.